Looking to Upgrade My WoodTurning Tools Need Crown 251 1-Inch Oval Skew Chisel

Looking to Upgrade My WoodTurning Tools

I really want to turn some nice projects, bigger bowls mainly.

So I need some new tools and a new wood lathe!

Today I was looking for a good quality Skew Chisel, they say it’s one of the most difficult tools to master and I would like to take a shot at it because it leaves behind a beautiful finish.

Considering A Crown
251 1-Inch Oval Skew Chisel

Check out the quick video on the skew chisel for woodturning.

I was looking at the Crown 251 1-Inch Oval Skew Chisel

If you follow any of the woodturners online they will tell you that you should never buy “sets” of woodturning tools but purchase the ones you think you will need and like.

But….how do you know what you need or like if you never used any woodturning tools before?

So…..I purchased some chinese tools and I turn chinese bowls …and my nickname is “catch” because my tools don’t sharpen, or they don’t stay sharp and I can dislodge just about any piece of wood you give me from a faceplate, scroll chuck or between centers !!!

Ya, I’m kind of joking but my tools are crap …so is my lathe. So I thought I would start looking around and see what type of tools and lathe I might really want to get. Amazon has a really nice feature where you can create lists and make them “public” kind of like a wedding registry 🙂

Maybe one of my son’s or wonderful and beautiful daughter-in-law might see my public list for lathe tools and fulfill my wishes……or maybe I’ll win the lottery 🙂 Better yet, I would get healthy and spend the rest of my years working, building, drawing or building websites and making money for myself….. oh, how I pray things would end that way!

So, I figured I would check out some of the tools available online. Buy them if I could and do a review of the tool. If you buy the tool from my link, I’ll make a small commission. If not, at least you got an honest opinion.

Woodturning Gouges I Need!

I really need and would like the following:

  1.   a 5/8″ bowl gouge with fingernail grind
  2.   a 1/2″ bowl gouge with traditional grind
  3.   a nice beefy 3/8″ thick 1″ wide or better round nose scraper
  4.   a nice beefy 3/8″ thick 1″ wide or better left side scraper
  5.   a set of spindle gouges
  6.   a set of detail spindle gouges
  7.   a 1 1/4″ roughing gouge
  8.   a 1/8″ parting tool
  9.   a 1″ or 1 1/4″ oval skew
  10.  Oval Skew Chisel

As long as I’m wishing…..I’m sure I will add more to the list.

Importance of Good Quality Woodturning Tools

At this point in my woodturning experience I have come to understand the importance of good quality equipment. In woodturning, this probably means more than any other trade or hobby I’ve been involved with. For instance, you can spend 300 bucks on a fishing rod and reel but still catch some pretty good fish with a Zebco $25 dollar special.

Even in construction. Sure a Bosch demo hammer is 1500 dollars and will probably last a long time but a harbor freight demo hammer will get the job done and if you baby it, the thing will last a long time and you spent a 1/4 of the price.

Spend More Money and Be A Better Turner

But with woodturning tools and equipment, you just can’t get past the fact that spending more money will get you good tools and equipment that will make you a better turner.

I want to master the Skew Chisel so I’m looking at a Crown Skew Chisel or a Sorby Oval Skew Chisel.

However, if you’re just getting started, don’t let that fact stop you. Spend what you can afford and go from there…..heck, you might even not like woodturning. But if you do, you can start adding pieces one at a time, save your money and buy a $100 dollar bowl gouge. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

Here’s my dilema.

I need to make some money and I do that with a variety of websites where I compare and recommend products. But I’ve never do it with a site that I’ve been so passionate about, like woodturning!

I want to provide the best information I can to help anyone who reads this to make a well informed decision about what they should buy and use. To do that, I need to buy and use the products to let you know what works and what is the best.

So I will probably be buying products from places like Rockler, ebay, or Amazon. They all carry brand name, high end products. Most of these sites have some type of review system and I won’t purchase anything that has a bunch of negative reviews. So I look for the best, make an informed decesion to buy and then tell you what I think of that product. If you purchase thru my link, as I mentioned I make a very small commission…. but they will add up over time. I hope!

US Manufactured Skew Chisels

My problem is in approaching differnet products this way I leave out those manufacturer’s and suppliers that do not have affiliate programs that I can enroll in. Most of these are small stores or small manufactures but offer high end, very good products. I feel obligated to tell you about them as I discover them but since they don’t have affiliate programs, in all honesty, I probably will not purchase the products from them so I can’t give you a first hand testimonial of their products.

As time goes by, I will mention these sources and give you links to their sites. I’ve visited www.D-waytools.com many times and would love to purchase some of Dave’s tools …..watched his videos on sharpening and how to use the tools …really good stuff and Dave seems like an all around good guy. He’s a small business man in the US and fighting the daily battles to build his own business. I would much rather support him than someone across the pond. There are a handfull of others out there and I will talk about them as the circustance dictates.

I really didn’t plan on getting this far into the weeds …..but I really wanted you to know where I’m coming from.

Bottom line is I want to help any woodturner find good information on how to be a better woodturner!

One more time, check out how easy this guy makes cutting with a skew, the shavings just slice off….. wish I could do that! If I had a Crown 251 1-Inch Oval Skew Chisel …. bet I could 🙂

Maybe I Should Consider
A 1-1/4″ Robert Sorby
#809H Oval Skew Chisel

I really wanted a skew chisel wider than 1″ inch. Sorby has a Oval Skew Chisel that is 1 1/4″ wide. So, after looking a little further the Sorby Skew Chisels look really nice, especially the 1-1/4″ Robert Sorby #809H Oval Skew Chisel.

I’m going to make it my goal to master the skew chisel, after watching so many turners produce glass smooth finishes, I know I can do it. Like with all woodturning …..it takes practice!!!

After cranking out 3 stairway spindles that really look the same, I tried to do a slicing cut with the skew chisels have….the ones from China and besides the fact that they are square edged I just couldn’t make that slicing cut in a piece of oak. Could be me, I’m finding out that the China tools will actually cut if you sharpen them correctly, maybe I need to work on the edge of the skew.

Bottom line I want to get a good oval skew chisel, whether Sorby or Crown. I’m not quite ready to purchase their super expensive super duper metal that holds an edge forever type turning tools. Although I’d really like to try one out to see what the difference is, I need to work on my sharpening skills.

Live to turn another day!!!