Natural Edge Maple Bowl with Bark Intact!

Keeping bark on a natural edge maple bowl

Turning a Natural Edge Bowl

I had a tree guy drop off some maple for firewood. I have some room at my house so every now and then a tree guy will dump a load of wood! Lucky me 🙂

I split most of it and do some treasure hunting on the pile before I start splitting the wood. I found a few nice pieces  I though would make nice bowls and vases. Truth be known, if I had my way I would probably save every load of wood that got dropped off for turning….. of course I would have to turn 1000’s of bowls or my wife would be a little upset that it was cold in the house 🙂

Natural Edge Wood Bowl Video

I have 2 videos for you. The first one is just a series of stills that I narrate and the next video is an edited video of me turning a natural edge bowl from the maple wood blank.

Turning a maple live edge or natural edge wood bowl.

I have an excellent digital slr camera, but need to figure out how to get some really nice and clear video. This will do for now but I will upgrade soon.


Natural Edge Bowl Experiment

You can get a better idea on how this project came together by checking out my article at Maple Live Edge or Natural Edge Bowl

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