Reviewing The Laguna Revo 18|36 Woodturning Lathe

Great middle of the line woodturning lathe

Reviewing The Laguna Revo 18|36 Woodturning Lathe

It’s time to step up. That is, I need or want a more powerful wood lathe!

I wish I could win the lottery …but that would mean I would have to play it and I don’t think they payout in Illiois because the state is so corrupt and broke 🙁

Great middle of the line woodturning lathe
Laguna Revo 1836 Lathe a good step up if you are looking for a good wood lathe!

I think you could spend up to $10,000 or more on a super wood lathe. I won’t be doing that! I had no idea they could cost that much. I was originally thinking maybe $1,500 to $2,500, but then I saw some very nice machines in the $4,000 dollar range.

A New Wood Lathe for More Power

I’m only dreaming right now but my little harbor freight lathe really can’t handle very big bowls and if I try to get a little aggressive on my cuts it will slow down or stop.

A more powerful wood lathe is actually safer. You can safely turn larger bowls and other projects. You can have more control of the speed. There are more accessories available. Your woodturning tools will work better because you have more control over the speed at which the project turns.

So, I thought as I do some research I would post the information here on the wood lathe upgrades I’ve come across. The first one is a Laguna Revo 18|36 Woodturning Lathe. I have some Laguna equipment and tools, the 14″ SUV bandsaw is outstanding in quality and performance …so I was thinking about staying with Laguna.

Laguna Revo 18|36 Woodturning Lathe

A couple woodturners I know have the Revo 18|36 and they love the machine. They have so much good to say that I almost decided I would save for this Laguna model and not do anymore research. When talking wood turning tools, Laguna fits in with all the old timers. At the time the 18|36 was the largest model that Laguna produced.

Much to my surprise as I was researching the Laguna Revo 18×36 I discovered that Laguna has come out with a new wood lathe called the Laguna Revo 24-36 Wood Lathe W502131 MLAREVO 24-0180 and is 3hp as opposed to the 18-36 which is 2hp. Of course I would rather have the newer and bigger one but at $1000 to $1500 more I will probably be lucky to get the 18-36 …and I’m not complaining. One nice thing about getting the Revo 18-36 is that it’s been around for a while and all the kinks have been worked out …..making it a beautiful machine!

But I can still hope and pray that a Laguna Revo 24-36 Wood Lathe W502131 MLAREVO 24-0180 someday lands in my shop 🙂

Check out this video on the Laguna Revo 18-36 and below the video you’ll find some specs.

The newly redesigned Laguna Revo 18|36 lathe is a serious contender in the professional grade woodturning lathe market. From it’s user-friendly ergonomic design, cast iron and steel construction, and beautifully machined components to the blue hue of the illuminated control panel, it’s clear that the Laguna Revo 18|36 is a serious competitor that’s here to win over even the most discriminating woodturner.

If you’re looking for a well-built, premium quality lathe with all the features you’d expect to find on lathes costing much more, give the Laguna 18|36 a serious look today, you’ll be glad you did.

• Electronic variable speed from 50-3,500 RPM
• Easy to read digital RPM readout
• Premium quality electronic controls
• 100% accurate center alignment guaranteed
• Automatic knock out tailstock
• Cast iron & steel construction
• Dual work light mounts
• Swing away tailstock bracket (optional)

If you think you might like to get Laguna Revo 18|36 you can get a very good price and free shipping at