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I was listening to Cap’n Eddie talk about using and how to use bowl gouges, roughing gouges, skews, scrapers and other wood turning tools. As always the Captain is just full of knowledge and wisdom so I pay attention to suppliers he recommends and uses. In fact, I really like when he recommends a woodturning supplier.

He mentioned that he got his Elsworth Grind bowl gouge from D-waytools.com and I checked out their site.

WoodTurning Tools
for the Wood Turner

dway tools a source of woodworking tools and suppliesThey have a solid line up of wood turning tools for the woodturner…. more high end stuff. I would love to get my hands on some of their tools. At this point I’m still using Chinese wood turning tools and I would like to find out what the difference is between cheap tools and expensive tools.

Anyway, D-Way Tools looks like a good source of wood turning related tools and supplies. I have not talked to them, nor have I purchased anything from them. They look like an American based company, which is something or someone I would like to support either with a web link or by purchasing some of their tools.

I’ll itemize the categories from D-waytools site:

Bowl Gouges
Detail Spindle Gouges
Roughing Gouges
Beading Tools
Negative Rake Scrapers
Parting Tools
CBN Grinding Wheels
CBN Hand Hone
Hollowing Tools
Tool Rests

I want an Elsworth Grind Bowl Gouge!

I’ve wanted an Elsworth Grid Bowl Gouge shortly after I started turning. I looked at the Elsworth site and the Sorby Site and just trying to save up the cash I need ….but have been very sick so I don’t know if I’ll ever get one. But just because I can’t have one doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

I’ve read many Amazon testimonials regarding some of the more expensive tools and high grade steel versus some of the less expensive tools….the ones I have. They all say they are amazed at the differece, they all noticed how much easier it was to turn projects and how cleaner an expensive tool cuts.

Of course you need to learn how to use your tools, I know I do.

Hope you found this post useful, hope you visit www.D-WayTools.com to see what they have. I saw a phone number across the top and I’m sure you can communicate via email.

Let me know if you get something from these guys and let me know how the whole experience goes!

Finally, there are some videos on the website and a quick view of them makes me want to spend some time watching. I think his name is Dave, the owner of d-way tools …..he did a very good video showing tool position for a couple of different bowl gouges. Really good stuff. I can see the difference in tools from mine to looking at his in the video.

Boy oh boy, I wish I weren’t so sick and broke because I would really like to get some of the awesome cutting bowl gouges that he is using. I think if I ever can come up with the cash I will invest in D-Way Tools!

Watch this video on Bowl Gouges, its a little long but it is some of the best teaching and camera work I’ve seen for woodworkers, a woodworker tutorial extrordinaire!

Make sure you view in hi def and full screen ….you will learn much!