Woodturning A Wood Sink with Expoxy Finish

wood sink turned on a Laguna wood lathe

Did you ever think you might want a wood sink, that is a wooden sink in your bathroom or kitchen? Wooden sinks seem to be the rage these days and as wood turners, if you have a big enough lathe you can make your own wood sink!turning a wood sink

Most wood sinks will set on top of a vanity, although with a little bit of thought and engineering you could drop them in a top by simply turning an edge on the top of the sink that would hold it up.

Woodturning a Sink on a Laguna LatheSimon from SG Art Turning does an excellent job at turning a sink from a big piece of maple, it was somewhat spalted and as usual you never know what a piece of wood is going to look like until you open it up. This one was beautiful

turning the outside of a wood sinkSimon takes you from turning this piece of wood to finishing and installing a pop up drain …..ready for a sink. He is using a Laguna 18|36 Wood Lathe and is waiting for his new Laguna Revo 24|36 Lathe ….and I can say I am jealous and coveting my neighbor because that is one awesome lathe, they both are but he will be able to turn 24″ projects with ease on the new Laguna Lathe!

Watch the video below, I know you’ll enjoy it. Just one more idea for your woodturing projects.

Watch in full screen by “double clicking the video” or try “Ctrl F” and you can watch it in full screen!